Don't Forget About Your Parents!

I just wanted to write a quick blog about the generation gap that I see all the time at weddings and special events.  Ages range from toddlers to grandparents, and when it's time to start dancing, I know the hosts are always very eager to get everyone involved.  When you start planning the music for your event, picking out the right songs for everyone can be a challenge.  Let your DJ know that there will be all ages at your event, and he/she should be able to assist you with the best choices to play.

Sometimes the host specifically asks that we don't play any disco or line dances, and although we can abide by your do-not-play list, you have to think that Mom and Dad love to dance to that kind of music!  I've had a lot of clients give me a long list of do-not-plays, but by the time the night starts, they come back to me only to say that they've realized those songs make their parents happy.  I know everyone wants to be "anti-cheesy", but in the heat of the moment, to see your parents and grandparents get down, playing their music here and there isn't so bad.

I always suggest picking 10-15 of your favorite songs and then letting your guests choose songs throughout the night, also letting your DJ to read the crowd.  It's okay to have a few do-not-plays that may remind you of someone you'd rather not think about on your special night, but having a professional DJ work with you can really create an amazing experience for you and your guests.  This day is like no other, and I completely understand that.  To be able to dance with every family generation together is PRICELESS, and I am there to help make that happen!

- Scott Gerke, owner