The Importance of String Lighting for Your Key West Wedding

Let's talk string lighting for your Key West wedding... We know you've put a lot of time into planning the most beautiful day of your life, and now it's time for everyone to see the wonderful decor you've created!  String lighting is not only an elegant touch to brighten your space, but it offers the perfect amount of light to create safety for your guests.  All of our lights are equipped with dimmer switches so it's never too bright or dark.  We can dial in the perfect amount of light, helping you achieve a different ambiance throughout the evening.

White or black light strands (cords)?  As you begin your research, you may notice companies offering either white or black colored light strands.  While white may match the soft colors of a wedding, those strands will continue to be seen once the sun goes down, and that may not be the look you are going for.  In our professional opinion, string lights are meant to look like they are suspended from the sky, giving you more of a twinkle effect like a star in the sky.  Because our light strands are black, they become almost invisible at nightfall.  They don't create a ceiling effect, and they can also be set up for lanterns if that is an upgrade you choose.

My team can help you create the exact look you are going for, as well as make the planning process simple by providing more than just lighting!  We are a full production team offering DJ service as well as a photo booth.  Feel free to call me personally and let's turn your vision into a reality!

Enjoy the pictures from the Audubon House...

-Your Key West DJ, Scott Gerke