Interactive Uplighting!

We started off with a nice blue and transitioned to pick every 10 minutes.

In our efforts to give you the best that technology has to offer, we now carry an option of uplighting that allows us to give you more than just static color!  Yes, you'll find that many DJ companies can provide uplighting that will match the colors of your wedding, but with our computerized and wireless lights, we can use those same lights to bring the dance floor to life!  But before we discuss the dance floor, let me first tell you about something else no one else does...

In mid transition from blue to pink.

So, let's say that your colors are a light blue and purple and it's dinner hour.  Instead of just the standard static colors of blue and purple, think about having us create a nice subtle fade that changes from blue to purple.  It'll give you a great effect, which the end result will look amazing and give you more options!  Now onto the dance floor effect...

Now we're into full party mode!

Once it's time to start dancing, we can completely change the effects of the lights to give you something that interacts with the dance floor!  Now we're into party mode and the entire room looks awesome.  This is very easy for us to help you with, and because of that, it's only a very small fee to give you these results.  Check out the video below to see it in action!