Lighting Design for the John Hiatt Concert at Little Palm Island

Remember that song, "Have A Little Faith In Me"?  Yep, that was John Hiatt and he did an amazing job playing that during his encore performance.  We were hired by Little Palm Island to provide stage lighting that needed to be both intimate and effective.  We chose warm colors to accent the lobster traps and stage, while using white to light up the banner before the concert (the light on the banner was later turned off to direct attention to the artist).  The string lighting design was our little trick to bring warmth down onto John adding to the intimate effect, and added a nice touch to the overall look.

One of the things I like to do when lighting an event is to bring some attention to a unique item or texture around the space I'm working with.  In this case, the lobster traps on and around the stage were perfect.  Highlighting the lobster traps while watching a concert on a beautiful beach?!  I couldn't ask for any better item!  It's little tricks like this that really make our designs top-notch.

When you hire us, you get a team that cares about detail.  We spend extra time hiding and taping down wires so that there are never any distractions keeping you from enjoying the beauty of the event space.  We have gone through years of training to learn about perfect lighting placement and colors that compliment each other, leaving you with something that is absolutely pleasant to the eye.  If you are hosting an event and in need of lighting, it would be our pleasure to help you create a spectacular night.  Complemented with a DJ, either myself or someone from my team, let us give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Scott Gerke, owner/DJ