Lighting for Weddings & Special Events - "Name In Lights"

A growing trend in lighting design is our service we call, "Name In Lights".  You may also know it as a gobo or monogram.  Simply put, it is a custom image that we shine a light through to project your design onto a wall or dance floor.  It's a great addition to both special events and corporate parties, because it can help fill up space on a wall that may typically be left blank.  Also, it's a wonderful way to display your new name or company logo!  It looks great in photos and really adds a unique feature to any Key West wedding or special event.  We make it super easy to help you create your gobo by giving you a catalog of designs and then have it proofed for you until you are completely satisfied.  Once the night is over, we even give you the gobo to keep!  Many of our couples put the gobo in their photo booth scrapbook that we make for them or some even make Christmas ornaments with it.  Below are some pictures to give you a better look at our "Name In Lights" package.  If you'd like to see our catalog of designs, please contact me directly and I will send it to you immediately.  Thanks and let me know if you have any questions! Keep on groovin, Scott Gerke