Uplighting - Your Questions Answered!

We have been getting a lot of questions about uplighting and thought writing a blog that answers your questions would be a great way to understand this amazing way to decorate. Uplighting has become very popular because it helps set the mood as well as make amazing backdrops for your photos.  There is no effort on your part, because we do all of the installation.  All you have to do it tell us the look you are going for, and because they are computerized, we can also match the lights to your wedding colors!  Enjoy the Q&A session below, and let us know when you're ready to take your event to the next level! ;)

Q.  What is "uplighting"?  Uplighting is colored lighting that shines up from the floor, usually onto the walls or landscaping of your venue.  Our lights are very small, about 6in.x6inx4in., and are LED.

Q.  How are you able to match the color of your lights to my wedding? A.  We carry the most modern lights that are fully computerized and have a program that is specific to matching very specific colors. Because they are LED, these lights are capable of creating 256 different colors, as well as displaying more than one color at a time.  Your options are endless!

Q:  Can your uplighting be both indoors and outdoors? A.  Yes!  Our lighting can help decorate anything from palm trees to inside walls.  They are very bright and versatile and can accommodate any of your requests.

Q:  Is the lighting noticeable enough to interfere with my guests or pictures taken? A:  Not at all!  The lights are about the size of a gallon-sized ziploc bag and sit only 4 inches off the ground.  The great thing is that these lights are white so they fit in very nicely with any decor.  They are set up in a way that should never interfere with wedding pictures, and actually enhance them very nicely.

Q:  Will my photographer/videographer have any complaints about the lighting affecting my pictures? A:  They will only thank you for requesting these beautiful lights!  This style of lighting enhances every venue, creating a beautiful backdrop for pictures.  Photographers love working with colored lighting and can get very creative, producing the most unique and professional photos.

The popularity of our lighting has grown rapidly because we care about your look!  We strive to satisfy your requests and make sure the lights are picture-perfect.  You will be very pleased with the outcome of our uplighting package and will have beautiful photos to show for it.  We look forward to enhancing your event.