What Makes A Great Key West Wedding DJ?

Because hiring a DJ is a service rather than a product, not every DJ is the same.  Your favorite jockey at the club might play all of your favorite tunes, but does that mean he can also play songs to get everyone at your wedding up and dancing?  It's not all about dancing either.  You need a DJ who can also be a director, or Master of Ceremonies (MC).  Someone who is comfortable on the microphone and can bring attention to the dance floor when certain formalities are being performed.  I always aim to educate when a couple inquires about my services, because I understand they aren't regularly hiring DJs for weddings, and the last thing I want to hear is that they didn't know what to ask or how important the service really is.  Below is a detailed list, in order of importance, that exemplifies a perfect DJ for your Key West wedding.

1.  Organizational Skills - This is the absolute, most important trait in a wedding DJ.  Sounds kinda strange, right?  But when you think about your timeline, all of the formalities, and the music you've requested, there is a lot of organizing that goes into preparing for your wedding.  My guys and I spend about 20 hours on each wedding to insure that everything is in order and that every detail is set and ready to go.  If your DJ isn't organized, it will show immediately when your First Dance is "missing" or the wrong song is played.  Yikes!

2.  Microphone Presence - I know everyone fears a cheesy DJ.  I hear it all the time and I would fear it too.  The canned voice that sounds like you're at a boxing match or that guy that just doesn't stop talking!  Every DJ has his own style of what I call "microphone presence", and he needs to be comfortable speaking to a crowd, especially understand how to bring everyone's attention to an important formality during your wedding.  When people ask about our presence on the microphone, I simply tell them we use our natural voice.  I mean, if you want your wedding party introduced like you are at a Monster Truck Rally we can sure do that for you, but when it comes to announcing the first dance or cake cutting, we feel it is best just to be ourselves.  Oh, and our microphones are always professional wireless grade and don't hiss or pop when someone is speaking into it.  There's nothing worse than having a DJ who is both cheesy and uses a mic that makes a bunch of weird noises!  Which brings me to the next topic...

3.  Professional Grade Equipment  - Again, I know you probably aren't a DJ yourself, so you may not know how our gear works, or what makes it top-grade.  I always love it when couples come over to look at my equipment and say, "Wow, so many buttons.  How in the world does this thing work?!?!".  There are a ton of knobs and buttons, which means there is a ton of room for error.  If your DJ doesn't have the best of the best, things could go wrong.  How do you know the DJ is using the proper gear?  Ask for professional references like wedding planners and photographers and hear what they have to say.  They work with DJs all the time and can tell you if their gear seems to always have issues.  We have made big investments in quality gear that make your wedding the best it can be, because you deserve nothing less.

4.  Song Selection & Edited Music - I choose this to be the last point, but only because it takes all three points above to really make the music come to life.  It takes a special kind of DJ who knows what songs need to be played to get everyone dancing and at what point of the night they should play a particular song.  That's where we go back to organizational skills.  They need to have the skills and preparedness to know when to play a song to get all of your guests up and dancing, and have another song ready to keep them on the dance floor.  Weddings can be very challenging for some DJs who don't do these types of events on a regular basis, but because Key West is one of the top destinations in the country, we are doing weddings every weekend all throughout the year and know exactly what it takes to get everyone up and out of their seats.  Not to mention, all of our songs are radio edited, so you don't have to worry about offensive language if you want us to keep it clean.

I know that finding the right DJ can be a bit overwhelming, but I have created my company in a way that makes choosing that perfect DJ easy and stress-free.  I'd love to hear about your dream wedding and help you find the best options to get exactly what your looking for, so feel free to call me anytime.  It takes a passionate DJ to help create your one-of-a-kind Key West wedding perfect and memorable, and I do whatever it takes to make sure you're happy!

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-Scott Gerke DJ/owner